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Are You Handwriting Checks for Business2Business Refunds?

Perhaps a B2B customer overpaid you, perhaps they cancelled their services, there could be a million reasons why- but you need to issue a refund and need it done as soon as possible.

QuickBooks Online has yet to allow the option to ‘refund,’ a payment made by credit card or ACH. We have heard the ACH option is ‘coming,’ but yet to see it implemented. Hey Intuit, we really need this BTW because issuing a refund by a handwritten check is so 1995.

Thankfully, there is another option, and this is what I really like Melio for. What is Melio? It’s an electronic payment program that allows your business to make vendor payments or get paid by customers.

You could send refunds via Melio! Set up the customer as a vendor, create the refund as a 'bill' and Voila! Side note: this works only if the customer is a business.

But you can also pay every business expense and invoice online with Melio. Your vendors don’t need to ‘sign up,’ to get paid and there is no monthly fee. Check out Melio today and see how easy it is at:

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