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QuickBooks Online and Backups: What You Need to Know

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Real talk. I love QuickBooks Online, for way too many reasons to list here.

But one thing QuickBooks Online does not do, it does not back up your company file from a user perspective, (except for those who have the Advanced subscription—which most small business owners and solopreneurs don't). I think many “assume” this is done because of the cloud-based nature of the software.

Let me say that simpler. Your company file which houses the financials of your business, is not backed up in the sense that if you needed to "roll back" or restore the file to a previous point, you could do so.

Do I have your attention? It should be obvious why this is concerning. Human error happens, transactions could be being entered or deleted by mistake. It can be so easy to create a mess but very difficult to fix it.

Worse, ransomware, malicious cyberattacks and hacking are becoming even more prevalent these days. The more users you have in your file, the more vulnerable your data is.

So, what can you do to protect your data? Don't worry I will tell you! I highly recommend Rewind, which takes 5 minutes to install and costs less than $15 a month. My firm uses Rewind with all of our clients. Simply put, it’s just “best practices” to have a backup. My hope is that I never need to utilize a backup copy or “rewind” a file, but there is peace of mind knowing backups are happening in real, continuous time for all my clients.

Oh, and if you are an e-commerce business, check out their options to back up Shopify and BigCommerce!

Now, remember I said it just takes 5 minutes to set up. You can spare 5 minutes to help safeguard your financials and data, can’t you?

Use my link to install Rewind today:

I may receive a small commission but as a reminder, I only partner with products and services I truly believe help small business owners. Plus, it doesn't cost you anything to use my link!

If you have any questions or want to talk about all the reasons that I love QuickBooks Online, please feel free to Contact Me!

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