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Are you not ready to fully outsource your bookkeeping but know you need some level of support?

Join the Sand Dollar Profit Partner Program!


Do you constantly find yourself with a question about coding or categorization that goes unanswered, so you end up falling behind on your bookkeeping?

Do accounting and bookkeeping lingo words like “reconcile” intimidate or confuse you?

Check out our one-on-one SAND DOLLAR PROFIT PARTNER program.

When you know your numbers, you can control costs better, increase margins and profits.

This program includes:

  • Up to 20 minutes of monthly bookkeeping support for general questions, best practices and “how to” via firm’s internal portal which also hosts a texting like feature or option for Zoom. This is a one-on-one program no “groups” unlike other similar offerings.

  • Protect your QuickBooks Online file with automatic backups ,(bet you didn’t know that wasn’t already happening). NOPE! Intuit does not back up your file for end user purposes.   Subscription for Rewind software $14 monthly value.

  • Payroll liaison (Gusto users only), Sand Dollar Bookkeeping holds a Gusto People Advisor Certificate and Silver status.   With priority level for ticket responses and support this is a bonus for Gusto Users.  Limit to 1 ticket or question per month.

*For QuickBooks Online users only (all subscriptions other than self-employed). Sand Dollar Bookkeeping assumes no liability or guarantee for Rewind third-party program software.

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