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5 Tips for the Slow or Off-Season

Almost all businesses and industries have a slow, slower or off-season. For my business, hands-down it's the summer months. Here are five tips or recommendations for the business owner that will help her continue to thrive during those slow lulls.

1. Work on your operational systems and processes to help streamline your

business. This could be something as simple as a new CRM, payroll or

accounting software. Check out my favorite business solutions here, these links

also offer some great savings.

2. Review your monthly subscription and ongoing operating costs. Are there

opportunities for savings by making changes? This can mean more than just

cancelling services. One thing I did was switch all my “must have” programs

such as Zoom and Loom from a monthly subscription to an annual, to save

some money.

3. Work on your goals and objectives for the coming season or year. The slow

season is a great time for this, because your mind has the ability to focus on

where you want to take your business - without being pulled in all directions.

4. You knew this one was coming catch up on that bookkeeping if it’s behind.

How can you work on goals and review costs if your bookkeeping isn’t caught

up? Need help-schedule an intake phone call. Don't forget, we have a NEW

service that might just be perfect for you to dip your feet into with a

bookkeeper. Check out our Profit Partner Program.

5. And speaking of dipping your feet. Last but not least, relax and recharge! Being

a business owner is hard work and it’s time to focus on you! Take a beach trip, spend more time with your family and friends or take up a new hobby. Believe it

or not, it can be good for your business to have a recharged and refreshed

business owner!


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